Thanks for stopping by my cross stitch and patterns site

I hope you like the designs.  My aim is to share modern and contemporary cross-stitch patterns that are fun and easy to stitch. Patterns are predominantly Irish themed, as that’s where it all began but I’m always looking for new and quirky ideas, so watch this space.

Designs are easy to follow and printed in normal and large print – my eyes aren’t what they used to be!

I predominantly use a single colour palette, which can be easily changed to suit your home décor or to use the threads you already have in stock.  They are all pdf downloads, so you will receive them automatically via an email link as soon as your payment clears (which is normally instantly).

And if you’ve never cross-stitched before, give it a go.  Everything you need is small and mobile so you can do it anywhere, and it can be easily picked up and put down without too much drama.

The best bit is taking a bit of creative ‘me time’, it really helps to slow you down in this hectic world.  And when you’re done, you’ll have something beautiful to hang on the wall.

How did it start?

For me it all started a few years ago, a friend asked me to cross-stitch a small pattern for her.  I hadn’t cross-stitched since school but I never pass up a crafting opportunity so was happy to oblige.  The pattern was mainly words, and rather rude ones too, but I loved doing it and found it surprisingly relaxing.

As an Irish girl living abroad, I started looking for Irish themed patterns but everything I found was shamrocks and leprechauns.  I was looking for something modern and contemporary that didn’t include pots of gold!

I was particularly looking for patterns in the Irish language as I was keen to have something in my home, but could find nothing I liked.  So I began designing my own, and loved doing it.  I started to get various requests so decided to put them all together and share my love of cross-stitch with everyone.

Please save us in your favourites, and keep coming back to watch as we progress and expand the site with lots more of patterns, tips and hopefully some inspiring ideas.

Thanks for stopping by x