Culchie – Printable Art


Bring a bit of humour to your walls with our ‘culchie’ printable art, sure to delight both urban and rural dwellers alike.  Back in the olden days before multi-culturalism and the arrival of hummus, life was dull.  Irish people were all the same so they invented random terms such as ‘culchie’ to distinguish things like who were city folk and who were from the bog.   Thanks to urban sprawl, former culchie enclaves are now positively metropolis and culchies are becoming a rarer breed! #savetheculchie

PDF INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.  This is a digital file to print at home, you won’t receive a physical product.


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Pronounced ‘cul-chee’,  our culchie printable art pays homage to the wonderful folk of rural Ireland.  Basically anyone not from Dublin is welcome in  the gang, but if you are a GAA fan and if nobody can understand what you’re saying – even better! No longer confined to the homeland, culchies can now be found globally, whether you’re holidaying in Australia or trekking the Andes.  You can’t miss them, they’ll manage to be both pale and sunburnt at the same time!


Printable specifications

A4 (21cm  29.7 cm)  size printable download in a high quality PDF format.
Can be printed on either an inkjet or laser printer – for best results use a laser printer on high quality paper.  The watermark logo shown within the image is for our copyright protection.   It is not on the printable you will receive. 

This printable is a pdf download.  So you will receive it automatically via an email link as soon as your payment clears (which is normally instantly).  You won’t receive a physical product.